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Internal Wall Insulation

Reduce heat loss and improve the comfort of your home with interior wall insulation
Approximately 40% of heat is lost through the external walls of your property. Solid wall homes are especially vulnerable to this due to their design and construction methods. If your home was built before 1920, it likely has solid walls.
Newly insulated homes retain a lot more heat, so you can ease off on the heating, without compromising on the warmth and comfort of your home. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can expect to see savings of up to £350 on your annual heating bills with internal wall insulation.

Free grants for Internal Wall Insulation

As part of the government’s ECO scheme, the full cost of your new interior wall insulation could be covered by a home insulation grant. The scheme helps properties built without insulation or with poor insulation, reduce home heating bills and minimise their carbon footprint.
If you receive a qualifying benefit, you could qualify for FREE internal wall insulation, depending on the type of heating system installed. The property should also be privately owned or rented and have solid walls.

How does Internal Wall Insulation work?

Internal wall insulation insulates your solid-walled home from within by fixing insulated plaster boards to the interior face of your property’s external walls. Once affixed to existing walls, the insulated plasterboards are skimmed with plaster and are ready for you to decorate.
When professionally installed, internal wall insulation helps prevent heat from escaping through walls, keeping your home warmer for longer and reducing the cost of heating your home.

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